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The BBQ was a great success

Posted Friday, August 31, 2007 by Tina Finley & Carol Denham

The BBQ was a great success THANKS for the donations & volunteers that helped it run a little smoother! (Just a few snags to work out for next year.) You parents are AWESOME! The boys & coaches ate very well.

We had PLENTY of food & drinks to feed over 125 people with lots left over. Unfortunately, some had to be thrown away due to sitting out in 100 degree weather for a few hours but most will be donated back to football either through the snack bar (hotdogs &
drinks) or the some fruit will be handed out today after the scrimmage. The freshman even got to benefit with a little "taster" after their last practice (thanks to Mrs. Wertenberger.) (Speaking of freshman, I apologize that they were not included in the BBQ.
My son is a Jr. this year and for the past 2 years, freshman have not been a part of it because of different workout times. I will add that to my notes and whoever would like to head the BBQ up next season can check with the coaches and FB boosters to maybe add them into play.)

A HUGE “THANK YOU” TO THE BBQers!! Thanks go to Mike Maccabe, Troy Browning & Vince Giovinazzo (Susie included) for sweating the heat, dodging the flames (Mike), and trying to evade too much smoke inhalation!! THANKS TO ALL THE WONDERFUL LADIES WHO HELPED SET-UP & CLEAN-UP (and the few boys that stayed and carried loads to the cars!!)

Tina Finley & Carol Denham
(BBQ coordinators)

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