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Posted Friday, October 05, 2007 by By: Richard Ytzen Sr.

Way to go! HAWKS
Laguna Hills vs. Canyon @ Canyon Thursday 10/04/2007
By: Richard Ytzen Sr.

In the 1st quarter the running attack for LH was hitting on all cylinders, the CYN defense could not stop our Hawks. This running attack march us down the field to set up our first score of the day a 20 yard TD pass and the extra point after made the score LH:7 CYN: 0. The LH tough defense held the CYN scoreless for the remainder of the 1st quarter.

The 2nd quarter had the same hard running attack from LH and CYN had a time trying to stop it. The LH Hawks marched all the way down the field to set up a beautiful run-fake to a pass play for a TD a missed extra point made the score at this point LH: 13 CYN: 0. I enjoyed our LH coaches instructing Refs to Watch for the CYN defense with to many defensive backs in the backfield, leads to a penalty for CYN. The CYN offense did some trick plays to get around the tenacious LH defense and executed a long run down to LH 39 yard line, but CYN gets a delay of game penalty that pushes them back a few yards and helps the LH defense hold CYN from scoring in the first half. The Score at the end of the fist half LH: 13 CYN: 0

The start of the second half has CYN kicking off to LH and LH had a great kickoff return putting the Hawks on the CYN 45 yard line and then on the second play from scrimmage LH scores a TD on a well executed pass play, next converting on a two point conversion making the score LH: 21 CYN: 0. The next CYN possession results in nothing for CYN due to the tough LH defensive stand. Later in the 3rd quarter CYN gets things going and executes a running play from scrimmage for a long gain on a reverse, but LH defense once again holds and keeps CYN scoreless and LH takes over on downs. As the end of the 3rd quarter comes winding down LH once again scoring a TD on a long pass play on the extra point after, but CYN somehow blocks the extra point attempt making the score at the end of the 3rd quarter LH: 27 CYN: 0.

In the 4th quarter CYN somehow works its way down to the LH 10 yard line, but the tough LH defense holds CYN from scoring and takes over the ball on downs. The next CYN possession they pull a good “out of the bag of trick plays” and score on a double reverse, then extra point after. This makes the score LH: 27 CYN: 7, (but time is running out on CYN.) On the next LH possession LH coughs up the ball on a fumble and CYN recovers the fumble on the 50 yard line CYN executes good running play and puts the ball on the LH 7 yard line with about 3:00 left in the 4th quarter CYN manages to score their second TD of the day on a running play from their own 7 yard line with extra point after making the score LH: 27 CYN: 14. The ensuing CYN kick off was onside kick at the LH 35 yard line with 2:03 left in the game LH runs out the clock with some running plays securing their first win of the season. Congratulations Hawks!! Final Score LH: 27 CYN: 14

No 5th quarter was played Canyon did not want to participate.

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