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Laguna Hills Hawks Frosh Football team delivers a "Shutout" over Irvine in last game of the season.

Posted Friday, November 09, 2007 by Richard Ytzen
Laguna Hills Hawks Frosh Football team delivers a “Shutout” over Irvine in last game of the season.
Final Score: Laguna Hills 28 Irvine 0
by Richard Ytzen Sr.

I arrived a little late the game a few minutes into the 1st qtr, but I can read the scoreboard as I’m walking in and much to my delight I see Laguna Hills (LH) is leading Irvine (Ir) 7 to 0 midway through the 1st qtr Ahh… we’re off to a good start for this last Frosh Football game of the season. Score at end of 1st qtr. LH 7, Ir 0

I get my self-seated in our fantastic new stadium LH was punting to Ir and Ir takes over on the 30yd line. The next series of plays Ir pops off a long pass play for large gain down the field the set of downs results in LH tough defense gets to the Ir quarter back for a sack and LH over possession of the football on downs. The series of plays LH busts a long run down to the 4 yd line but Ir fights and pushes them back a few yards on 3rd and 8 to go LH does a pass ply to the corner of the end zone for a TD and the ensuing PAT is good making the score LH 14, Ir 0 with 09:00 left in the first half. LH kicks off to Ir and Ir makes a good return down to the LH 37yd line then LH tightens up the defense and forces Ir to attempt a field goal and Ir misses on this one of very few chances to put points on the board. LH takes over on downs but this drive is cut short by an Ir interception with 03:00 left in the first half. Ir, with the ball, resorts to trickery due to the tough LH defense. In fact the LH defense on one of the plays this series of downs breaks up a flea-flicker play the Ir tried to pull off just blew-up in their face LH gets ball back with 2:02 left in the first half and keep possession the rest of the 2nd qtr running the clock out. Score at end of the first half is LH 14, Ir 0

The 2nd half starts with Ir kicking off to LH on the first play from scrimmage LH manages a pass play for a big gain putting the ball on the Ir 15 yard line. LH changes quarter backs due to injury and two plays later LH puts the ball in the end zone and the PAT that follows is good making the score LH 21 and Ir 0 with 7:22 left in the 3rd qtr. A fumble and a pair of interceptions made by both teams made for exciting football action till with 2:28 left in the 3rd qtr LH busts out another big run for a TD and a PAT that was also good making the score LH 28 an Ir 0 to end the third qtr.

In the 4th qtr Ir is held by the tenacious LH defense to remain scoreless, with 05:00 the LH second offense entered the game and were very successful in moving the ball on Ir this helps in eating any time left for Ir to try and score Ir gets the ball back with only 01:00 left and fail to put any points on the board. It’s a HAWK shutout! And end the season on a high note.

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