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JV Seals The Deal in Home Opener versus El Toro

Posted Friday, September 26, 2008 by Mr. Spain
The JV Hawks triumphed over El Toro 21-18 in their home opener at Hawk Stadium this afternoon. 

The traditional opening play by the Hawks broke down in the backfield and the remainder of the first quarter saw both teams trade possession with neither team making the breakthrough for a score. All that changed in the middle of the second quarter as the El Toro offense completed a 45yd pass for the touchdown. El Toro failed to convert the point after, El Toro 6 Hawks 0. The Hawks were not to be outshone at home. On the next drive QB Spain completed a 27yd throw to Richardson followed by a 31 yard throw to Angel for a first and 10 at the El Toro 5 yd line. After a gain of 4 yards followed by a false start penalty Spain handed off to Vorsheck for the 6 yd touchdown run. Makin made the point after, El Toro 6 Hawks 7. 

Yet again the defense stepped up. A near interception by Valenstein on the El Toro 40 yard line broke up their progress and set up 4th down. The resulting punt was blocked and the Hawks got the ball back at the El Toro 33  with under 3 minutes remaining in the half. The Hawks though were to go four and out as a sack followed by some incomplete passes saw the Hawks turn the ball over to El Toro on their own 36 yard line. On the first El Toro down the ball was fumbled and recovered by Vandal for a first down at the El Toro 33. Spain wasted no time on this drive. On first and 10 he completed a 28 yard pass to Murray on the 5 yard line who ran home for the touchdown. Makin again secured the point after , El Toro 6 Hawks 14. 

With 1.35 left in the half El Toro were unable to make any progress on their next drive and punted on 4th down. The Hawks got the ball back on their own 38 yard line with 45 seconds left to play. On the first play Spain's attempted hitch to Valenstein was intercepted by El Toro who ran through the open backfield for the touchdown. A failed 2 point attempt left the score at the half El Toro 12- Hawks 14. 

In the third quarter successive completions by QB Tereschuk to Murray (6yards) , Neuer (16 yards) and Angel (15 yards) saw the Hawks set up for first and 10 at the El Toro 20 yard line. The Hawks switched quickly to the running game and Vorsheck ran for 11, 6, 2 and the final 1 yard for the touchdown. Makin again converted the extra point. El Toro 12- Hawks 21. 

With 6.45 left in the third the El Toro offense started their push. A long completion set them up with a first and ten at the Hawk 16. The Hawk Defense showed their mettle with successive sacks by Vandal and 2 by Murray leaving El Toro a 4th and 25 which they failed to convert. The quarter ended El Toro 12 Hawks 21. 

On the first Hawk drive of the fourth quarter Spain completed to Martindale for 20 yards and Valenstein for 19 setting up a first down at the El Toro 17. The hand off to Vorsheck moved the ball to the El Toro 11 but the Hawks were unable to convert and turned the ball over. The Hawk Defense went to work. A sack by Delahunty and a blocked pass by Martindale left El Toro with a third and five. El Toro then completed a 65 yard pass for the touchdown. El Toro fumbled the snap. El Toro 18 Hawks 21 with under 3 minutes to play, 

A 21 yard completion by Spain to Martindale moved the chains to the El Toro 32 yard line. Vorsheck on the 16 yard carry moved the chains again to the El Toro 5 yard line. That was to prove the final play of the game as the clock expired before another snap could be made. Hawks win 21-18. 

The JV Hawks move to 2-1 on the season. Next week they face Woodbridge at home. 

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