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JV 8 Canyon 21

Posted Friday, October 10, 2008 by Mr. Spain
Long after the memories fade of a close game at Canyon we will recall some very poor officiating and an umpires outburst delivered to the Hawks Coach but squarely insulting the Hawk players. To hear the umpire respond to an exasperated coach's question of "why don't you call something" with "why don't your players block something" was unbelievable.

30 seconds into the first period Canyon broke loose on a 40 yard run for the touchdown. The point after attempt was blocked. 6-0 Canyon. On the ensuing kick off Canyon attempted the on side kick but it did not make the required 10 yards and in fact rolled backwards giving the Hawks the ball at the Canyon 40 yard line. On the ensuing drive on 3rd and 15 QB Spain's attempted pass to Murray was intercepted. Canyon could not score on the next drive and the Hawks got the ball back at their own 35. Spain moved the offense forward with a 15 yd completion to Martindale and a 10 yd completion to Valenstein setting up 1st and 10 at the Canyon 30. The drive was to end there. On 4th down the attempted field goal came up short and Canyon got the ball back. As has been the case all season the Defense would step up. On the ensuing drive Valenstein made the interception on the Canyon 20. Two incomplete pass attempts and little gain on running play set up 4th down. It was not the Hawks day as the Field Goal attempt slid wide right. The period ended 6-0 for Canyon.

The second period was to open just like the first with Canyon running the ball 40 yards for the touchdown. The 2 point conversion attempt was missed. 12-0 Canyon. On the next Hawk drive the offense could not make the desired progress and were forced to punt. 3 Canyon plays later they found themselves setting up for first and goal but stout Hawk defense was to deny them. On 4th and goal they made their field goal attempt. 15-0 Canyon.The Hawk coaching staff continued to plead to the umpires to make the obvious penalty call as they occurred but to no avail.  As the clock ticked down the Hawks could not keep their drive alive and were forced to punt again. A sack by Shoop in the dying seconds left Canyon with long yardage. What happened next was bizarre. With 12 seconds on the clock the Canyon QB told the umpire they were taking a knee. This was relayed to the Hawk Defense. After the snap the QB faked the knee and rolled left. As Martindale made the approach the QB again attempted the knee. Martindale's momentum would see him sack the QB before the QB's knee would hit the ground.. Penalty on the play, 15 yards for unsportsmanlike conduct was the call. A collective "whaaaaattt" from the Hawk line and loud protestations from the coaching staff served to merely infuriate the umpire who would approach the line, seek out the head coach and reprimand him for protesting. The half expired without another snap being made. Canyon 15 Hawks 0. Blood Pressure 160 and rising.

In the third period the Hawks again drove forward. Spain again went to Martindale for the 15 yard completion at the Canyon 43 yard line. On 1st and 10 Spain went long to Murray on the inside route but the pass was intercepted by the double coverage at the Canyon 10 yard line to bring an end to the Hawks progress. Flores made the sack on the next Canyon drive on 3rd and long setting up the punt. Moore received the kick and ran the ball back to the 35 yard line with 2.06 left in the quarter. On thrid and long Spain took off on the keeper and appeared to have the yardage for first down but the play was called back for a penalty in the back field setting up 3rd and 30 from the 15. Vorsheck made 10 yards on the running play but the Hawks had to punt on 4th and 20. After a scoreless quarter the third ended Canyon 15 Hawks 0.

On the first Canyon drive of the 4th quarter Canyon found themselves with a 4th and 1 at the Hawk 45. Attempting to get the Hawks to jump offside 3 Canyon players would stand up after setting into their positions. No umpire made the false start call on Canyon. What apparently was obvious to every player,coach and parent in attendance seemed to go unnoticed by the officiating crew. Blood Pressures continued to rise. The umpires called for a measure and the Hawks would get the ball back. QB Tereschuk drove the offense downfield with completions to Valenstein (15 yds), Murray (6 yards) Valenstein (11 yards) and Murray for the Touchdown. Tereschuk on the keeper made the 2 points. Canyon 15 Hawks 8 with 5.57 on the clock. Canyon came up short on their next drive and punted. The Hawks took over on their own 10 yard line with 2.55 to go. And then the silliness began. The umpire called an intentional grounding penalty on Tereschuk setting up 2nd and 20. The Hawk coaches appeals fell on deaf ears. A called penalty in the backfield had the umpires discussing the rules as the clocked ticked on. Despite repeated pleas to stop the clock the umpires continued to discuss whether a penalty had occurred or not. At 2.09 on the clock they waved off the penalty and reset the clock to 2.25. 2 incompletes later Canyon had the ball back. Still no called penalties. On 4th and 3 they broke through for the touchdown. The PAT was blocked. Canyon 21 Hawks 8 with 59 seconds to play. On the last Hawk Drive of the game the umpires would continue to exasperate. The Hawk Coaches protests were to lead to 2 called penalties on the coaching staff by the umpire for 10 yards each time. Pleading with the umpires only infuriated them more. Asked why the umpire would not call something he was to respond 'Why don't your kids block something" .  A shocking outburst that all in attendance found incredulous and offensive. The game ended on this sour note with a Canyon victory 21-8.

The JV Hawks move to 3 and 2 on the season. Next game is Carona Del Mar at CDM HS on Thursday at 3.15.

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