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JV Hawks Beat Irvine 33-7 for League Championship

Posted Sunday, November 09, 2008 by Feargal Spain
The Hawks opening drive ended in a punt. Thanks to early Hawk Defense, namely a broken pass by Helmuth and sack by Schlack, Irvine also went four and out. On the next drive Spain completed to Martindale to move the chains forward. Vorsheck kept the drive alive with a 5 yard run. Despite an incomplete to the corner of the end zone and the QB keeper which was stopped at the one yard line the Hawks were not to be denied. On 3rd down Vorsheck took the hand off and pushed over for the Touchdown. Makin made the extra point. The quarter ended Hawks 7 Irvine 0.

Irvine could not make much progress on their opening drive of the second period. On 4th down a high snap over the head of the punter left Irvine turning the ball over at their own 30 yard line. On 2nd and 10 though an interception halted the Hawk progress. Both teams traded off possessions for a few series. Late in the quarter after Irvine turned over on downs the hawks found themselves first and ten at the Irvine 35. Tereschuk completed to Martindale to set up first and goal at the 10 yard line. Tereschuk on the keeper moved the ball to the 2 yard line. Vorsheck stormed over for the score. After a Makin extra point the score moved to Hawks 14 Irvine 0. With 10 seconds on the clock before the half Irvine hoped for a run back to get on the board but Shoop was thinking otherwise. He stopped the Irvine kick returner at his own 17 yard line. At half time the score was Hawks 14 Vaqueros 0.

During half time we were treated to a special moment as JV player Dillon Moore's dad was welcomed home after his tour in Iraq. Mr. Moore was introduced to all the JV players and was warmly thanked for his service by all in attendance. Thanks to the JV Cheer Squad who had made a 'Welcome home Mr. Moore" banner he got to see the JV squad break through it to start the second half.

The Hawk defense continued their domination in the second half. Key tackles by Eftekham and Nofsinger broke up any Irvine progress. After another fumbled long snap the Hawks set up at the Irvine 11 yard line. A penalty halved the distance to the goal. From there it was all Vorsheck for the score. A blocked PAT help the Hawks increased their lead to 20-0. The defense continued to frustrate the Irvine offense with back field tackles by Moore and Gastil stopping Irvine from making progress. The Hawks would again make it to the red zone but with an incomplete to Helmuth in the end zone, followed a play later by an offensive pass interference penalty, the drive would end without a score. The period ended Hawks 20 Irvine 0.

In the fourth, the teams continued to trade possessions without making much progress. Schlack again broke up an Irvine drive with a key blocked pass to force a punt. A series later it was Valenstein's turn as he followed the QB's eyes and made the interception and run back for the 'pick six'. Makin made the extra point to move the score to 27-0 Hawks with just over six minutes to play. On the ensuing kick off Irvine ran back to the 40 yard line. A completion later they set up for first and goal at the 9 yard line. One play later they scored. After a successful PAT the score now was 27-7 with just under 5 minutes to play. The Hawks received the kick and set up their offense on their own 21 yard line. Vorsheck broke free on the next play running for 43 yards, first and 10 Hawks at the Irvine 36. Vorsheck again ploughed forward to the 19 yard line but an offensive holding penalty brought him back. On the next play Vorsheck made it to the 27 setting up 2nd and 1. From there Jeffs took over completing a 7 yard and 20 yard run for the touchdown. The PAT was blocked but the damage was done. 33-7 Hawks. Jack Mohr ensured that Irvine would not score again making saving last man tackles at the 49 yard line and on the next play at the Hawk 21 yard line for the last play of the game.

With this victory the JV Hawks clinched the league championship. Season to date the Hawks are 6-3 overall, 3-1 in league and 4-0 at home. Next week they take on San Juan Hills under the lights at Hawk Stadium at 5pm on Thursday the 13th.

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