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New leagues coming in 2010-11

Varsity - 2008 Season
Posted Friday, March 20, 2009 by ocvarsity.com
 Releaguing: Introducing the South Coast conference

March 20th, 2009, 2:49 pm · Post a Comment · posted by Chris Tobolski, OCVarsity.com

The South Coast teams fell into two categories.

They either wanted the conference or they didn’t. Schools like Dana Hills, Capistrano Valley and Aliso Niguel were vocal about not wanting the South Coast to remain the same. San Clemente wanted it untouched.

The Sea View League schools didn’t want a conference for the most part, citing concerns such as logistics, scheduling and surpervision, plus they weren’t sure it would help competitive equity one way or another.

In the end, Foothill and Huntington Beach leave the Sea View League. Oilers move to Sunset League; Knights in Empire League.

Laguna Hills was clear they didn’t want to join a conference, and are worried about competitive equity in regards to leaving the Pacific Coast League.

There is a much to be worked out still within the conference, such as will the teams split into two, 6-teams league and keep the South Coast and Sea View Leaugs alive still, and will they divide it by sport-by-sport, season-by-season, or simply school-by-school.

Here’s the 10-team South Coast conference:

Aliso Niguel

Capo Valley

Dana HIlls

Mission Viejo

San Clemente


El Toro

Trabuco Hills

Laguna Hills

San Juan Hills

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