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Important Message re: The Bridgestone Card

Varsity - 2009 Season
Posted Tuesday, July 14, 2009 by Feargal Spain
 Dear Parents:
 Today, your Hawk Football Athlete received the "Bridgestone Card" (each 
 player received two cards), which is a major fundraising effort for the 
 Laguna Hills Football Booster Organization.  It is provided by the father 
 of two former Laguna Hills Football players who owns Mission Viejo 
 Bridgestone (a complete automotive service center).
 What the card provides is $1,000 worth of automotive car services for only 
 $99.  It is an amazing deal and one from which the full $99 price of the 
 card will be donated to the Football program at LHHS.  This is an 
 opportunity for your Football Boosters Organization to raise huge amounts 
 of money for the program.  This economy and the condition of the State of 
 California have provided major challenges for us to raise the necessary 
 money.  With the income from the sale of these cards we will be able to 
 provide the equipment, uniforms, weight-training consultation and above 
 all the necessary coaches to keep the "Legacy of Excellence" going, which 
 has become Hawk Football.
 We are asking each player to sell two cards (that brings in $198) by next 
 Tuesday, July 21.  Please help your player find two individuals or 
 families who would benefit from $1,000 of "AAAA" auto care service for 
 only $99.  There are so many ways which you can use the card:  You might 
 give them to your office employees, your personal housecare individuals, 
 or a family member or relative who could use the car service.  The Mission 
 Viejo Bridgestone facility is owned by Mr. Dan Fitzgerald and he 
 personally addressed the team along with me--what an inspiration for the 
 If you are able to sell more than the two cards, please let me know at 
 (949) 939-8530 and I will drop off more cards to Coach Ingalls and Coach 
 Tereshuk.  The players seemed excited to make this happen for "their" 
 football program and I know you will share the same enthusiasm!
 The players have been informed that two $99 checks or one $198 check is 
 expected from each of them next Tuesday, July 21 when they show up at 
 practice--please help them make that happen.  Should a player loose any 
 card, he will be responsible for the $99 price of the card.  Please notify 
 any prospective purchasers of the card that they are to make checks 
 payable to:  "LHHS Athletic Boosters."
 Thank you for your continuing support of Hawk Football.
 William A. Shoop
 Football Booster President

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