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Hawk Quest- Now Online!!

Posted Tuesday, July 03, 2012 by Steve Eggert
Parents- as you know, each year at this time the LHHS Football program kicks off our annual "Hawk Quest" fundraising campaign. This year's campaign is critical for two reasons: 1) our commitment to holding down the amount we ask in voluntary contributions from families and 2) continuing cuts to the already limited financial assistance we receive from the District, which has essentially turned us into a self-funded program.

In an effort to maximize our fundraising efforts, this year we have partnered with eTeamSponsor (www.eteamsponsor.com) to turn our campaign into a 100% online fundraiser. This new approach increases efficiency, lowers our costs and reaches significantly more potential sponsors/donors. No more envelope addressing, stamp purchases, "return to sender" notifications, etc.; all we need each player to do is open up the email he will receive by this evening (sent to his personal email address), and follow the simple instructions. The only assistance we parents provide is to furnish your son with no less than 12 correct email addresses of potential sponsors/donors (players are certainly welcome to and encouraged to enter in more than 12!!). These can be the same people you have mailed in past Hawk Quest campaigns, or new potential/sponsors. A good rule of thumb is to email those relatives/family friends who live furthest from Orange County, as they are the likeliest candidates to donate.

Once correct email addresses are entered in, the players requirement is complete; automatically, personalized letters are emailed to recipients with instructions on how they can easily donate with a credit card online. Thank you letters are then emailed automatically from Coach Ingalls along with tax donation letters to donors (all contributions are tax deductible). Of course, players can log back into the program anytime and enter more email addresses. There is also link for players to post their unique sponsor letter link on Facebook, which is turning out to be a very successful approach in this campaign at other schools.

Because of the critical nature of this campaign, player participation is mandatory. We will be tracking daily the # of correct addresses entered by each player. Incentives will be offered to ensure maximum successful participation. I've attached step by step instructions for you to peruse; your son will receive these same instructions from me today. Please email me should you have any questions.

Thanks again for all your help and Go Hawks!!!

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